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Do you want to speed read?

Here are few methods which I have learnt and found useful.

  1. Use skimming technique

While reading, don’t read word to word. Instead just read through the page. Try focusing only on the main words and relate to it. You can increase your speed by 2-3X times by ignoring prepositions, conjunctions and articles which take up most of the content.

2. Read in mind & not aloud.

Now some might object because from nursery poems we have been reading it aloud to learn by heart.  When we read aloud we use our eyes, whole mouth, ears and other body parts. What if we focused all our energy towards one? That is just reading through your eyes. No sound and no tongue movement. This will help us read much faster.  This will automatically save time.

3) Flip/Reverse the book

Now, this might sound strange.  We can start reading the book in inverse/opposite direction. 🙃

You don’t need to turn your face that way. 😛  Just imagine that somebody is sitting on the opposite side and keep reading. You got to just reverse the direction of your book.  In the beginning, you’ll find it difficult & people around you will look at you & then at book & then again at you.  Who cares?

When we are able to read the words even in their inverted form it becomes easy for us to read it when they are just rightly placed in front of our eyes. Simultaneously our speed increases.

4) Set daily targets and award yourself.

Read! Read! Read! If you are on Goodreads, you can set up a target for yourself and try to achieve them. You can even maintain two separate diaries. In one you can write about the “To Dos” and the other indicating “Achieved”.

In case you achieve your targets within a reasonable time, take a break to pamper yourself with some gifts, chocolates or similar stuff. In case you don’t (high chances!), look at yourself in the mirror. Enquire! Where do you stand? Where were you supposed to be? Are you working hard enough to upgrade yourself or are you still the same you were one year ago? How are you going to make up for the gap between your targets planned and targets achieved?

5) Read at a fixed place, regularly.

Some have a proper study room while others may just start reading at any place. In order to concentrate better find a place at your home or office where you can concentrate on reading ignoring noise & distractions. Then, use that place every time you can grab hold of a book. It creates a study environment essential to focus all your energy in one direction.

All the above techniques are tried & tested on my students, myself and others. I will add more in future.

So go for it! And share your experience.

Day1- start today.

Please Note: I have written this article after discussing with many people. I do not take credit for any of the above. I have just compiled my learnings in all these years of reading.


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